Why is the US losing its’ grip?.

7 Dec

Why is the US losing its’ grip?

As a US watcher from a closely allied country, it seems to me that the democratic process in “The States” is blatantly corrupted. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that any candidate without vast campaign funds, has no hope of getting into office and while the American people may make the final decision at the ballot box, the people that provide the funds to the successful candidates (big business) must have influence over them. These are the same people who are closing factories in the US and moving production “off shore” to increase profits. These are the same people who pressured the Government to repeal the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933.  I do not believe that they have the best interests of the American people at heart and are using the Government to transfer the risk associated with their past investments, over to the public sector. Big business has no loyalty to any particular jurisdiction and will operate wherever it can make a buck. Unemployment is high, oil prices can only go up as “easy oil” runs 0ut  and the Government is resorting to “banana republic” like tactics to support the economy.  While the US seems to be financially staggering, China, its’ biggest creditor, on the other hand, is on the rise. Not only that, but it is building a very big and powerful blue-water navy to protect its’ “interests.” I want to see a strong America and had the Banks not been deregulated in 1999, I don’t believe we would be in this pickle.


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25 Nov

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